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Learning to cycle from 18 months old

Most parents remember first learning to ride a bike when they were around 4 or 5 years old (or a little younger if you were envious of older siblings!). However, there are numerous benefits for teaching kids to learn to cycle from a young age.

Balance bikes were introduced to the UK a few years ago and are the perfect bike for teaching children how to ride a bike. There are no pedals on balance bikes as these can come across as daunting for toddlers – just one more skill to master! Instead, children focus on the basics of learning to cycle and the most important skill – balance. The toddler’s feet are always on the ground which allows them to get used to the feel of the bike before moving on to gliding. This teaches them the effect movement has on their balance.

Parents can be rest assured that balance bikes are easy to handle, safe and light, making them the perfect first bike for a toddler. Balance bikes remove the need for stabilisers, which research has found hinders the ability for children to learn how to cycle as they don’t teach the importance of balance.

At Just Balance Bikes, many of our bikes come with adjustable seats and handlebars, allowing the bike to ‘grow’ with the child. Our bikes also have good grip on the pneumatic tyres and a comfortable, supportive grip on the handlebars, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. In particular, the Hudora Toddler is the perfect choice for a first bike and is designed for ages 18 months to 3 years.

Balance is the most important skill when it comes to cycling and teaching children this skill from a young age will ensure they make a smooth transition to a pedal bike and are more confident and competent when cycling. Learning to ride a bike also builds upper body strength and develops key motor skills. There are also huge health benefits of cycling and teaching kids the importance of healthy eating and healthy exercise from a young age is important in reducing the risk of health issues in adulthood.