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Health benefits of cycling

Cycling is a great way to get children excited about exercise from a young age. A child who enjoys cycling is more likely to enjoy it as an adult and enjoy keeping fit. In an age where fast food diets and a social and technological lifestyle is commonplace, it’s important to teach children the importance of healthy eating and healthy exercise from a young age. There are numerous reports finding that poor health and obesity (worryingly childhood obesity in particular) is on the rise so it is essential to teach young children the benefits of keeping healthy early. The benefits of cycling for health are not only great for young children but also in later life. Keeping active and healthy in childhood can reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes in adulthood. Cycling also improves general fitness and lung capacity.

Cycling is the third most popular recreational activity in the UK with an estimated 3.1 million people riding a bike every month. As cycling is a form of transport, many people find it easier to fit it into their lifestyle which adds to its popularity. Cycling is also a great family activity, whether it’s on family holidays, a healthy and affordable activity at the weekend, or even the school run. Getting on a bike saves money, keeps you fit and healthy, and is good for the environment.

Research has also found that physical activity directly benefits academic performance in children. Researchers have revealed that children who do a minimum of one hour of physical activity a day are more alert, have increased concentration, reduced disruptive behaviour, and improved academic scores. Physical activity also benefits mental health and helps to overcome, and in some cases, prevent depression and anxiety. The health benefits of cycling are endless!