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Balance Bike Buzz

Happy 200th birthday to the bicycle! 

This year is the 200th anniversary of the invention of the first bicycle. In Germany in 1817, Baron Karl Von Drais designed the world’s first bike which looks remarkably similar to a balance bike. 


Team GB's Olympic legacy

With the Olympics taking place in Rio this summer, everyone has caught a touch of Olympic fever. Following Team GB’s huge successes in Rio, many families are being inspired to get active and healthy resulting in an increase in sign ups to sports clubs and gyms.


Summer is coming!

As the weather starts to warm up and school starts to wind down for the year, it’s clear the long school summer holidays are just around the corner.


6 reasons your child should learn to ride a balance bike

Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise and introducing your child to a balance bike will get them on the road to independent cycling from a young age. The benefits of learning to cycling are endless but here are our top 6 reasons your child should learn to ride a balance bike.


Health benefits of cycling

Cycling is a great way to get children excited about exercise from a young age. A child who enjoys cycling is more likely to enjoy it as an adult and enjoy keeping fit. In an age where fast food diets and a social and technological lifestyle is commonplace, it’s important to teach children the importance of healthy eating and healthy exercise from a young age. There are numerous reports finding that poor health and obesity (worryingly childhood obesity in particular) is on the rise so it is essential to teach young children the benefits of keeping healthy early. The benefits of cycling for health are not only great for young children but also in later life. Keeping active and healthy in childhood can reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes in adulthood. Cycling also improves general fitness and lung capacity.


Balance bikes vs stabilisers: which do I choose?

Removing stabilisers from a child’s bike is a significant milestone. Parents spend months gently encouraging their kids, and running up and down quiet roads teaching their children to cycle without stabilisers. It’s a staple event that every big kid and adult remembers. However, are children’s bike stabilisers doing more harm than good?


Learning to cycle from 18 months old

Most parents remember first learning to ride a bike when they were around 4 or 5 years old (or a little younger if you were envious of older siblings!). However, there are numerous benefits for teaching kids to learn to cycle from a young age.


How to teach your child to ride a balance bike

Teaching your child to ride a bike is an important milestone in a parent’s life. Although it can seem a little daunting at first, lots of encouragement and positivity will make the process fun and easy for both you and your child.