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HELLO!.. we're Just Balance Bikes, thanks for stopping by.

If you've arrived at this page you want to know more about Just Balance Bikes - you want to have a dig around - and hey, we don't blame you.

We're a small business with our customers at the heart of everything we do, delivering quality bikes and accessories to get the little dudes riding and enjoying two wheels as soon as possible. We only deal with quality manufactures and we personally test each product and leave no bolt unturned! Only when we're sure it's up to the Just Balance Bikes standard do we put them on the website.

We also want to ensure that our bikes are safe, which includes being able to stop! - makes sense right? Which is why most of our balance bikes come with brakes, so when your kids are ready to stretch their legs and pick up some speed, they'll thank us for it! We also sell childrens helmets for those occasions they take a tumble.

From the moment you choose your precious new balance bike, to the moment your little’un is bombing around on it, you're in safe hands.




We're secure – no!, we're REALLY secure, not even Ronnie Biggs would be able to board our balance bike train. We don’t store any of your credit card details for those nasties to get their hands on and we use only the latest technology (which is the industry standard security protocol) to protect your credit card details. If you want the tech talk, our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology encrypts all of your personal information which can then be securely transmitted over the Internet. Blimey, enough geek already!


So sit back and take comfort in the fact that your information is safer than giving your card to a waiter and we promise we won’t look over your shoulder or spill your dinner in your lap!



When we receive your order we’ll jump straight on it, no messing, in fact in most cases your order will dispatched same day. We only use quality carriers to ensure that you get your bike, helmet and accessories arrive in tip top condition, and if your landed with some down time at work, why not track your order with a tracking number which we will provide with your order confirmation.


When it comes to delivering bikes we know our stuff and you can rest assured that we’ll do our best to make sure your order turns up ship-shape and Bristol fashion.


Worry free warranty!

Our balance bikes are the best, we make sure of that. They are designed and produced to pass not only the test of time and become the ultimate hand-me-down, they have also passed international standards, including CSN EN 71-1 +A9:2009, CSN EN 71-3+A1:2013 and are certified by the Engineering Test Institute and comply with all relevant EU regulations – that’s a lot of testing and paperwork folks!

We’re so convinced that our balance bikes won’t let you down we offer a 2 year warranty on all our bikes - try and find that anywhere else! If you follow our simple maintenance tips and give your balance bike some love, it will be good for generations.

You can see more information on our worry free warranty here