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6 reasons your child should learn to ride a bike

children on a balance bike

Cycling is a fantastic form of exercise and introducing your child to a balance bike will get them on the road to independent cycling from a young age. The benefits of learning to cycling are endless but here are our top 6 reasons your child should learn to ride a balance bike.

1. Developing physical strength
Cycling is a great form of exercise and helps to strengthen the leg muscles. This form of exercise is also easy to fit into daily life and can even be used as a form of transport allowing your children to build up their physical strength on the journey to school. Cycling causes less stress and fewer injuries than most other types of exercise. It also increases stamina, blood flow, and bone density. Benefiting from these healthy aspects in childhood will stand your children in good stead as adults.

2. Developing a sense of balance
Balance bikes were created to provide a smooth transition for toddlers and small children learning to ride a bike without the need for stabilisers, which research has shown can hinder a child’s ability to learn how to balance. Learning to cycle using a balance bike will help your child to master the art of balance from a young age, enabling them to progress to independent cycling easily.

3. Developing social skills
Before the age of technology, everyone remembers grabbing their bikes and meeting their friends. Cycling is a great way for kids to get active but also have fun with their friends. This strengthens bonding and improves social skills for later life. Research has also shown that exercise is the fertiliser of our brain. It increases the amount of oxygenated blood in the brain, which promotes the formation of more blood cells keeping your children healthy on the inside as well as the outside.

4. Learning the traffic rules
Learning the Highway Code and traffic rules is a key skill that is useful throughout life. Getting your child riding a balance bike from as young as 2 years old will help them learn the rules of the road. This improves their cognizance, makes them aware of their surroundings, and keeps them safe when they are out and about... an invaluable skill.

5. Reduction of stress
Like many forms of exercise, cycling is a great way to alleviate stress. Getting outdoors on your bike can help to clear your mind and give a new perspective on stressful situations. As cycling is a social activity, friends and family can cycle together which improves your mood and stabilises the emotional functions of the body.

6. Burning calories
Regular cycling can create a physically strong body and immune system. When a child (or adult) is physically healthy, they are less likely to get ill. Cycling burns calories which helps to keep your child in good physical and mental health. Learning to ride a balance bike from a young age will also mean your child is more likely to be interested in cycling and exercise into adulthood.

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